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FlightSkool Shoes

About Us

Starting a business is not an easy task. We have created FlightSkool to help out our fellow Sneakerheads. We plan on creating an attractive clothing line to relate to Jordan and Nike shoes that came out and will soon be coming out. It was a struggle for us but we always found ways to come up with the money to get our shoes.


Cutting peoples grass in the summer time and other miscellaneous jobs always helped us make enough to get our shoes. We learned the idea of buy/sale/trade from our big homies in the shoes game (or know as OGs). They taught us the tricks of the trade and next thing we knew we were stacking kicks and joined the pile high club.  We live the life of Sneakerheads now, looking up shoes on line every day and trying to find OG heat every night before we go to sleep. It is an addictive lifestyle but we love what we do!



We are college students/athletes that love kicks. We grew up in the Jordan era and have been in Jordan from the first day we stepped foot to earth. We are a group of young men that have huge goals and aspirations in life and would like to give back to our community what we have gotten out of it. Getting involved with younger students and athletes means a lot to us here at FlightSkool. We thank you for taking time out to read a little about us. Enjoy the page.